Smile Direct Club Alternative La Puente CA

Smile Direct Club Alternative

Were you among the many Americans who felt wronged by the sudden shutdown of SmileDirectClub? Countless people have reported poor practices with SDC before losing money due to the company’s bankruptcy, but it doesn’t have to all be for naught. La Puente Family Dental is here to help you finish what you started in the best way possible.

La Puente Family Dental Care Offers Best Invisalign Treatment

Continue Treatment And Receive Better Care With $1,000 Off!

At La Puente Family Dental, SmileDirectClub members can save $1,000 on their Invisalign treatment. We’re here to help you get back on your feet so you can achieve the hard-earned smile that you set out to get. Making the switch is simple! Just give us a call at (626)-968-3793 to schedule a consultation and we’ll work with you to craft a set of custom aligners backed by guaranteed results.

How Your Treatment Will Differ With Invisalign

SmileDirectClub Invisalign
  • Only treats mild to moderate cases of teeth misalignment.
  • Requires self-administered tooth scans and molds which aren’t always accurate and can cause damage.
  • Lack of routine check-ups for valid progression.
  • Can fix mild to moderate cases as well as severe and complex teeth misalignment and bite issues.
  • Thorough scans and molds are done in the office.
  • Regular in-house progress reports with adjustments when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions – Switching From SmileDirectClub To Invisalign

Is It Safe To Switch Over To A New Aligner Mid-Treatment?

Changing up your treatment method while you have already embarked on your journey is completely safe when you visit qualified professionals. This is typically referred to as “mid-treatment correction” and it is a safe and viable way to ensure that you’re going with what works better for you.

Do I Need To Start Treatment Over From The Beginning?

Treatment times for Invisalign ultimately depend on the individual person. If you were already making some noticeable progress with SmileDirectClub, there is a possibility that your Invisalign treatment won’t take as long compared to if you were just starting treatment for the first time in general.

Do I Need To Come To The Office For Invisalign?

While we understand that one of the main appeals of SmileDirectClub was the remote aspect, in-office evaluations are necessary for accurate and effective treatment. Performing crucial steps at home, like scanning and molding your teeth, can lead to harmful and counterintuitive results.

Does Invisalign Treatment Take Longer Than SDC?

Treatment with SmileDirectClub may be faster, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better. Invisalign often takes a couple of months longer than SDC treatments because gentle care is much safer and leads to greater customer satisfaction in the long run. Rushing the process can lead to loose or missing teeth.

How Much More Will I Be Paying?

If you were drawn to SmileDirectClub for the lower cost, we’ve got your back. Invisalign is usually a bit pricer than many remote alternatives, but that’s precisely why we’re offering $1,000 off for those who want to continue their treatment without breaking the bank.

Keep Perfecting Your Smile Without Skipping A Beat. Call Us Today!

Making the switch over to Invisalign is easier than you think. Just call La Puente Family Dental at (626)-968-3793 to schedule a consultation and next thing you know, you’ll have a new set of custom aligners fitting over your beautiful smile! Just sit back and let us do the rest as your reliable Invisalign provider in La Puente.

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